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The International Center for Legal Studies, LLC ("ICLS") is approved Registered Teaching Center approved by the University of London International Programmes. ICLS provides teaching for students seeking to earn a University of London Law degree.  As a 'tutorial college", while ICLS teaches and provides an integrated legal program, applicants are expressly advised that ICLS does not confer any law degree.  Students enrolled with ICLS are registered with the University of London International Programmes LL.B degree program.  Students enrolled with ICLS receive their law degree from the University of London.  ICLS does not provide legal advice.  Applicants seeking bar admission information are advised to contact the bar authorities for the jurisdiction which they seek admission.  Students and applicants are solely responsible for ascertaining bar admission rules with respect to their individual credentials. ICLS provides online law  school tutoring together with individual mentoring and face to face learning.

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